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College GPA calculator for Indiana University?

Hi there, I'm a student at Indiana University, and I'm trying to find a GPA calculator specific to my school, or some guidelines on how IU calculates GPA. Does anyone have a resource or advice on this?

a month ago

Hello! Indiana University, like most colleges in the US, uses a standard 4.0 scale for calculating GPA. There are various online GPA calculators that you can use to calculate your GPA, one of which is the CollegeVine GPA Calculator (found at gpa.collegevine.com).

To use the GPA calculator, follow these simple steps:

1. Choose whether your school uses weighted or unweighted GPAs.

2. Enter the number of classes you've taken in each letter grade category (A, B, C, D, F) and specify if any are honors, AP, or IB classes if your school uses weighted GPAs.

3. Click "Calculate" to obtain your GPA.

Make sure to keep track of your grades and credit hours, as they will impact your overall GPA. Here's a general breakdown of the 4.0 GPA scale for reference:

- A: 4.0

- A-: 3.7

- B+: 3.3

- B: 3.0

- B-: 2.7

- C+: 2.3

- C: 2.0

- C-: 1.7

- D+: 1.3

- D: 1.0

- F: 0.0

If your school uses a weighted GPA, honors, AP, and IB classes typically add 0.5 or 1.0 to the base grade points, depending on the school's policy.

Remember that this is a general GPA calculator and not specific to Indiana University. However, the calculations should align with IU's system, as they use a standard 4.0 scale. If you want to double-check, you can contact your academic advisor at Indiana University for further guidance on their specific GPA calculation method.

a month ago

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