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Are interviews for college admissions necessary?

I'm starting to look into the college application process, and I've noticed that some schools offer interviews for applicants. Are these interviews mandatory, or can I still have a strong application without one? If I do choose to participate in interviews, what should I expect and prepare for?

9 months ago

Hey there! Interviews can definitely play a role in the college admissions process for some schools, but they are not always mandatory. A strong application can stand on its own even without an interview. However, if a school recommends or offers an interview, participating could be beneficial as it adds another dimension to your application and gives the admissions office a chance to know you personally.

If you do decide to participate in interviews, don't worry too much – they're generally informal, conversational, and designed to help the college learn more about you, your experiences, and your interests. It's an opportunity for you to talk about your strengths, goals, and why you are interested in attending that specific college. Some areas of focus when preparing for interviews include knowing your application inside and out, being familiar with the college's offerings and culture, and practicing common interview questions like 'Why do you want to attend our college?'

In my own daughter's experience, she found the interviews to be a helpful opportunity to express her enthusiasm for the schools she applied to, and she enjoyed connecting with alumni. Good luck with your college applications!

9 months ago

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