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Colleges in Marion, Ohio?

Hey everyone, I'm from Marion, Ohio and currently searching for colleges in or near my hometown. Any suggestions on where to start looking? Thanks!

a month ago

Hello! It's great that you're searching for colleges close to home. In Marion, Ohio, you have a few options to consider:

1. Marion Technical College: This is a two-year community college that offers a variety of associate degree programs and certificates. It has programs ranging from nursing to business management and information technology. Transferring to a four-year college after completing an associate degree is also an option.

2. The Ohio State University at Marion: This is a regional campus of The Ohio State University, which offers a smaller-campus feel while still providing access to OSU's excellent resources. You can start your studies at this campus and transfer to the Columbus campus to finish your degree if needed. The regional campus offers a variety of majors, such as psychology, biology, and education.

Additionally, there are several colleges in nearby cities:

3. Columbus State Community College (Columbus, OH - about 50 miles from Marion): This school has a wide array of associate degree programs, certificate programs, and continuing education courses. It's an affordable option for students who are planning to transfer to a four-year college later.

4. Otterbein University (Westerville, OH - approximately 40 miles from Marion): A private liberal arts college with a strong focus on undergraduate education. Otterbein offers over 70 majors, such as business, education, and engineering.

5. Ohio Wesleyan University (Delaware, OH - around 25 miles from Marion): This is a small liberal arts college that offers a liberal arts education in a close-knit community. OWU has numerous majors spanning various academic disciplines, like international relations, environmental science, and fine arts.

These are just a few options to kick off your search. I recommend visiting the campus websites, attending information sessions or open houses, and talking to current students or alumni to get a better sense of each college's atmosphere and offerings. Good luck with your search!

a month ago

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