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Colleges in Lexington, VA

I'm interested in going to college in Lexington, VA, and I was wondering what colleges are available in the area? Would love to hear about people's experiences at those schools too! Thanks, y'all!

29 days ago

There are two colleges in Lexington, VA: Washington and Lee University and Virginia Military Institute.

1. Washington and Lee University (W&L): It's a private liberal arts university well-known for its strong programs in law, business, journalism, and arts & sciences. The campus is beautiful and historic, boasting impressive facilities. Academically, W&L has a very rigorous curriculum and small class sizes, so students have ample opportunity to interact with professors. The school has a strong honor code fostering a sense of trust and personal responsibility within the community. Additionally, W&L emphasizes various experiential learning opportunities like research, internships, and study abroad programs. Campus life is lively, and Greek life is prevalent, making up a significant portion of the social scene.

2. Virginia Military Institute (VMI): VMI is a public military college, where students (known as cadets) participate in a structured military lifestyle while pursuing their undergraduate education. The Institute provides excellent academic offerings in engineering, liberal arts, and sciences. The faculty-to-student ratio is low, allowing students to connect with professors and receive personalized attention. A unique aspect of VMI is the Rat Line, a demanding first-year experience where freshmen undergo rigorous training to develop discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills. Life at VMI is challenging, with the military structure shaping day-to-day activities. The camaraderie among cadets is strong, and this bond extends to the alumni network.

Both institutions have their unique experiences, on-campus culture, and learning atmosphere. If you're attracted to a traditional liberal arts education in a beautiful, historic setting, Washington and Lee might be the better fit. On the other hand, if you're interested in a more disciplined, structured environment that places a greater emphasis on leadership, teamwork, and personal development, consider VMI.

It's essential to visit these campuses if you can, or at the very least, attend their virtual events to get a sense of each school's culture and environment. Reach out to current students or alumni to hear their perspectives on their college experiences to help make your decision.

29 days ago

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