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Long Beach State vs. Cal Poly: Which one should I choose?

I can't decide between attending Long Beach State and Cal Poly. Can someone give me advice on the differences between these two schools? Like, which one has a better academic reputation or more job opportunities? And what about campus life and the overall student experience?

a month ago

It's important to consider various factors when deciding between Long Beach State and Cal Poly, such as academic reputation, job opportunities, campus life, and the overall student experience. Here's a comparison of the two schools to help you make an informed decision:

Academic Reputation:

Cal Poly (California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo) is generally known for its strong engineering, architecture, and business programs. It follows a "Learn by Doing" approach, emphasizing hands-on and practical experience, making it a popular choice for students looking for applied learning opportunities.

Long Beach State (California State University, Long Beach) has a diverse range of programs, with strengths in areas like psychology, health professions, and visual and performing arts. Although its engineering program may not be as renowned as Cal Poly's, it still maintains a solid reputation.

Job Opportunities:

Cal Poly has a strong network of industry connections, particularly in engineering and technology. Many students find co-op opportunities and internships through their program, which can lead to full-time job offers. Cal Poly also hosts career fairs throughout the year catering to different industries.

Long Beach State has a large alumni network and a fairly active career center that helps students find internships, co-ops, and job opportunities. Its location in Southern California provides access to many industries, including media, entertainment, and aerospace.

Campus Life:

Cal Poly's campus is located in San Luis Obispo, a small college town, providing a close-knit community feel. It offers many on-campus events, clubs, and activities. The surrounding area has plenty of hiking trails and parks. However, the town is relatively small, meaning that there may be fewer entertainment options compared to a larger city.

Long Beach State has a more urban setting with the city of Long Beach nearby. It has a diverse student population and a wide variety of cultural events and activities. The campus also offers various clubs and organizations for students to participate in. The location also provides easy access to Los Angeles, offering more opportunities for internships and entertainment.

Overall Student Experience:

The student experience will vary based on personal preferences and goals. Cal Poly is often considered more academically rigorous, particularly in engineering and technology fields, but it also provides a cozier community within the smaller college town.

Long Beach State offers a more diverse campus setting with access to urban resources and activities. The academic experience is still strong but may not be as specialized as Cal Poly's programs.

To make the right decision, consider your academic interests, preferred campus atmosphere, and long-term career goals. You might also find it helpful to visit both campuses, if possible, and talk to current students or recent graduates to gain a better understanding of each university's culture.

a month ago

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