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Colleges near Akron, Ohio recommendations

Hey everyone, I'm currently a high school junior and planning to stay near Akron, Ohio for college. Can anyone recommend colleges in that area or give me some advice about schools around there? Huge thanks.

a month ago

Hello! It's awesome that you're looking for colleges near Akron, Ohio. Here's a list of schools in and around the area that you might want to consider:

1. University of Akron: Located right in Akron, OH, the University of Akron offers over 200 undergraduate majors in various fields. It's a mid-sized public research university with a vibrant campus life, and it's well-known for its engineering, business, and nursing programs.

2. Kent State University: About 15 miles away from Akron, Kent State offers a wide array of majors and extracurriculars. It's another mid-sized public research university with highly regarded programs in fashion design, education, and aeronautics.

3. Baldwin Wallace University: Located about 30 miles from Akron in Berea, this private liberal arts college has a close-knit community feel and strong programs in music, business, and pre-professional tracks like pre-med and pre-law.

4. Case Western Reserve University: Located in Cleveland, about 40 miles from Akron, Case Western is a top-research private university known for its strong programs in engineering, nursing, and health sciences, as well as pre-professional programs in medicine, dentistry, and law.

5. Cleveland State University: Also in Cleveland, Cleveland State is a large public university with many academic and extracurricular options. It's particularly known for its business, engineering, and urban affairs programs.

6. John Carroll University: About a 40-mile drive from Akron, John Carroll is a private, Jesuit university in University Heights. It offers strong liberal arts education and has reputable programs in business, biology, and psychology.

7. Oberlin College: Situated around 60 miles away in Oberlin, this is a highly selective private liberal arts college known for its excellent academics and conservatory of music. They're strong in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and fine arts.

These are just a few options in and around Akron, Ohio. When researching and visiting these colleges, consider factors important to you, such as size, campus life, location, academic programs, and financial aid opportunities. Best of luck in your college search!

a month ago

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