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Berkeley Grade Calculator: How can I calculate my GPA?

I've been looking online for a UC Berkeley Grade Calculator, but I can't seem to find one. I heard that Berkeley's grade calculation system might be slightly different from other schools. Can someone explain how I can calculate my Berkeley GPA? Thank you!

a month ago

To calculate your UC Berkeley GPA accurately, you can follow these steps:

1. Convert your letter grades to grade points:

- A+ = 4.0

- A = 4.0

- A- = 3.7

- B+ = 3.3

- B = 3.0

- B- = 2.7

- C+ = 2.3

- C = 2.0

- C- = 1.7

- D+ = 1.3

- D = 1.0

- D- = 0.7

- F = 0.0

2. Multiply the grade points by the number of units (or credits) associated with each course. This will give you the weighted grade points for each course.

3. Add up all the weighted grade points and all the units (or credits) separately.

4. Divide the total weighted grade points by the total number of units (or credits). The result is your UC Berkeley GPA.


Course 1: A (4.0) x 3 units = 12

Course 2: B+ (3.3) x 4 units = 13.2

Course 3: C (2.0) x 3 units = 6

Total grade points: 31.2

Total units: 10

UC Berkeley GPA = 31.2 ÷ 10 = 3.12

Keep in mind that UC Berkeley, like other University of California schools, uses a capped weighted GPA for their admissions process. This means that they add extra grade points for AP/IB or Honors courses, but only for a maximum of 8 semesters. To calculate your capped weighted GPA, follow these steps:

1. Calculate your unweighted GPA using the steps above.

2. For each semester of an AP/IB or Honors course, add an extra 1.0 grade point (do not exceed a total of 8 extra grade points).

3. Add the extra grade points to your total grade points and recalculate the GPA based on the total units (or credits) you've taken. This will give you your capped weighted GPA.

a month ago

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