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Rutgers University majors?

Hey everyone! I'm researching Rutgers University and want to know what majors they offer. Can anyone provide a list or point me to their website where I can find that info?

a month ago

Hey there! Rutgers University has a wide range of undergraduate majors to choose from. While I can't list them all here, I can help you navigate to the right place on their website where you will find detailed information on all the majors they offer.

To see the list of undergraduate majors at Rutgers, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Rutgers University main website: https://www.rutgers.edu

2. Click on "Academics" in the top menu.

3. Scroll down a bit on the "Academics" page, and you'll see a section titled "Explore Programs."

4. Click on "Undergraduate Majors" in that section.

Once you're on the "Undergraduate Majors" page, you'll find the complete list of majors offered at Rutgers, divided by category. You can click on the specific major to get more information about the program, including details about the courses and any additional requirements.

I hope this helps you explore the opportunities available at Rutgers University!

a month ago

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