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Should I consider Duke as a research university option?

Hi everyone! I'm looking to apply to research universities, and Duke caught my attention. Is Duke a research university? How do their research opportunities compare to schools like MIT or Stanford? Thanks for any insights!

9 months ago

Absolutely, Duke University is a prestigious research institution. It's a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), an elite group of research universities in the U.S. and Canada, known for their strong emphasis on research activities and quality faculty. Duke is consistently ranked among the top institutions for research funding, both nationally and internationally.

Compared to MIT or Stanford, both of which are also part of the AAU, Duke might have a reputation more tilted towards liberal arts, public policy, and law; that said, it still excels in a variety of research fields including engineering, computer science, and biomedical sciences. While MIT and Stanford are undoubtedly giants in their respective fields, do not underestimate the research opportunities available at Duke. It's important to consider factors such as faculty-to-student ratio, available resources, and undergraduate research involvement. If possible, try reaching out to current students or alumni to ask about their research experiences at Duke. Ultimately, the best university for you will depend on your personal preferences and which research area you're most interested in pursuing.

9 months ago

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