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Stony Brook University vs. Rutgers University

Hey guys, I'm currently deciding between Stony Brook University and Rutgers University. I'm interested in both schools and want to go into engineering. Does anyone have any opinions on which school is better in terms of reputation, internships, and overall experience? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

26 days ago

Both Stony Brook University (SBU) and Rutgers University have good engineering programs, but there are some key differences between the two schools which might be helpful for you to consider.

Reputation: Both schools have solid reputations when it comes to engineering. Rutgers University is a larger institution and has a more established engineering program across diverse disciplines. SBU is known for its focus on STEM fields and has a growing reputation in various engineering disciplines such as electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering.

Internships: Due to its proximity to New York City, both SBU and Rutgers offer access to a large job and internship market. However, Rutgers has a bigger alumni network and stronger connections to many industries, which can increase the chances of finding internships and opportunities during your studies.

Overall Experience: The overall experience at each school will largely depend on your personal preferences. Rutgers is generally seen as having a more traditional college experience, with a larger sports culture, more diverse student activities, and a bigger campus. SBU has a smaller student body and is known for having a strong focus on academics, which can lead to more research opportunities and personalized attention.

Campus & Location: SBU is located on Long Island, New York, in a suburban setting. It is fairly close to Manhattan, allowing you to access the city for job or internship opportunities. Rutgers University is spread across three campuses in New Brunswick, New Jersey, also relatively close to NYC. It has a more urban feel compared to SBU.

Ultimately, the choice between these two schools comes down to your personal preferences and priorities. Each institution has its own strengths and distinct qualities. Weighing the factors important to you, like the academic environment, surrounding area, student culture, and opportunities for internships, should make your final decision easier. It might also be helpful to visit both campuses or attend virtual events to get a better feel for each university.

26 days ago

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