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How to research universities - any tips or resources?

Hello, I'm starting my college search process but feel a bit overwhelmed. How do you guys research universities? Are there any specific resources, websites, or tips that you found helpful when you were doing your research? Thanks so much!

9 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're starting your college search process. Don't worry - feeling overwhelmed is completely normal at first. I've got some tips and resources to help you out!

First, create a list of factors that are important to you in a college, such as location, size, major offerings, extracurricular activities, and financial aid. This will help narrow down your search.

Next, start your research with some helpful websites like College Navigator (from the National Center for Education Statistics), CollegeVine, and the College Board's BigFuture. These sites offer information on various colleges and allow you to filter by factors that matter to you.

In addition, visiting college websites can give you a sense of the campus culture, academic offerings, clubs, and more. College fairs can also be helpful when you have the chance to speak with college representatives and current students.

Talking to people who currently attend a college or have recently graduated can give you some valuable insights into the college experience. If possible, consider setting up campus visits to get a feel for the environment and ask questions directly from students and staff.

Remember that researching colleges takes time and patience, but these resources can make your journey a bit easier. Good luck!

9 months ago

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