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what to wear to the SAT?

Hey pals, my SAT is coming up. What should I wear to be comfortable during the test? Is there a dress code or any recommendations for what I should/shouldn't wear? Thx!

26 days ago

Hello! There isn't a formal dress code for taking the SAT, so you should prioritize comfort and practicality when choosing your outfit. Here are some recommendations for what to wear on test day:

1. Dress in layers: Since you can't be certain about the temperature of the testing room, it's a good idea to wear a few layers. A t-shirt and a light jacket or sweater can help you adjust to the room temperature throughout the test.

2. Comfortable clothing: Opt for clothes that won't restrict your movement or become uncomfortable after sitting for long periods. Avoid tight-fitting or excessively formal garments. Soft, loose-fitting clothes like sweatpants and a comfortable shirt can be ideal.

3. Avoid noisy clothing: Keep in mind that the testing environment will be quiet. You don't want to distract others or yourself with loud, jingling accessories or clothing items that produce noise. So, avoid wearing jewelry, watches, or garments that make noise when you move.

4. Comfortable footwear: You will be sitting for a few hours during the test, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes that don't become uncomfortable after long periods.

5. Minimal accessories: Keep accessories to a minimum, only bringing what you need to the testing center (ID, approved calculator, snacks, etc.). Accessories like large hats or scarves might not be allowed, so it's best to leave those at home.

Remember to get a good night's sleep before your test and eat a balanced breakfast on test day. Good luck on your SAT!

26 days ago

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