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Cambridge University ACT score requirements

Hello! I'm an American student interested in applying to Cambridge University in the UK. Does anyone know if they accept the ACT, and if so, what is their minimum score requirement or range they're looking for? Thanks!

26 days ago

Hello! Yes, the University of Cambridge does accept the ACT from American students. While they don't have a strict minimum score requirement since they review applications holistically, they typically look for applicants with strong standardized test scores. At Cambridge, you'll often find that successful applicants have ACT composite scores of 32 or higher.

However, you should understand that the admissions process at Cambridge goes beyond standardized test scores – they also place significant importance on subject-specific performance. This means they'll closely examine your high school transcript, especially in the subject area related to the course you're applying to. Furthermore, you may be required to take a subject-specific admissions test, such as the Cambridge Test of Mathematics for University Admission (CTMUA) or the Cambridge Law Test, depending on the course you are interested in. Lastly, keep in mind that if you are shortlisted, you might be invited for an interview, which also plays a crucial role in the admissions process.

In summary, while a strong ACT score can be an important factor, make sure to showcase excellence in your high school coursework and any required admissions tests. Good luck with your application to Cambridge!

26 days ago

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