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How do rolling admissions deadlines work?

Hey everyone! I have a question about rolling admissions. How do these deadlines work, and should I prioritize applying to rolling admissions schools earlier? Any advice or experiences would be appreciated!

9 months ago

Hello! Rolling admissions is a flexible admissions process where colleges review applications as they are submitted and make decisions on an ongoing basis until they've filled all available spots. With this type of admissions, there's typically no set deadline, but it's always a good idea to apply earlier in the cycle.

Submitting your application earlier in the rolling admissions process increases your chances of acceptance, as colleges have more spaces available earlier on. This also allows you to receive a decision sooner, which can help alleviate some stress that comes with the college application process.

Although early submission is important, you should still prioritize a well-presented, polished application over applying very early with a rushed application. Take the time to make your application as strong as possible while keeping an eye on the dates when colleges start accepting submissions.

9 months ago

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