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How much does applying Early Decision actually help my chances?

Hi there! I've been considering applying Early Decision to my dream school, but I've heard mixed opinions on whether or not it helps a lot. Does anyone have any experience or data on how much applying ED can improve the chances of being accepted compared to applying Regular Decision? Best regards!

9 months ago

Hey! Applying Early Decision can significantly boost your chances of being accepted at your dream school, but it mainly depends on the school's policy and how competitive the applicant pool is. Early Decision is a binding agreement, which means if you're accepted, you're committing to attend that school. This can show your demonstrated interest in attending the school, and colleges often appreciate that commitment.

The acceptance rates for ED applicants are usually higher than for RD applicants. For example, at some Ivy League institutions, the acceptance rate for ED can be twice as high as its RD counterpart. However, it's important to note that this varies from college to college, and the ED applicant pool may be more competitive and academically inclined.

Conduct some research on the school you want to apply to and evaluate its ED acceptance rate compared to RD. If the ED rate is much higher, and attending that college is your top priority, then submitting an Early Decision application could be advantageous for you. Best of luck with your application!

9 months ago

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