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Application deadlines for Texas colleges

Hey y'all, I'm putting together my application list and was wondering if anyone knows the general application deadlines for Texas colleges? Is it usually around the same time for most schools? Appreciate the help!

a month ago

Hey there! Application deadlines for Texas colleges can vary by institution, but I'm happy to provide you with some general information. For most Texas colleges and universities, you'll find that there are Early Action (EA) or Early Decision (ED) deadlines around November 1, and Regular Decision (RD) deadlines around January 1. Of course, this can vary slightly from one institution to another.

Referring specifically to some of the more popular Texas universities, here's a brief summary:

1. University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) - ED/EA: N/A, RD: December 1

2. Texas A&M University - EA: October 15 (priority deadline), RD: December 1 (final deadline)

3. Rice University - ED: November 1, RD: January 1

4. Southern Methodist University (SMU) - ED I: November 1, ED II: January 15, RD: January 15

5. Baylor University - EA: November 1, RD: February 1

Please note that deadlines may vary for specific programs within these universities, so it's essential to do your own research and double-check each school's official website for accurate information. Additionally, some schools may have separate deadlines for scholarship applications or financial aid documentation.

Keep in mind that submitting your application earlier can sometimes give you an advantage in the admissions process, as well as provide more time for preparing for your next steps. Good luck with your applications!

a month ago

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