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Texas A&M ACT score requirements

Yo! I've been checking out Texas A&M and I'm wondering what ACT score is typically required or considered competitive for admission. Can someone let me know? Thank you!

a month ago

Hello! Texas A&M doesn't have an explicit ACT score requirement, but it's helpful to look at the middle 50% ACT scores of admitted students to understand what's considered competitive. For Texas A&M, the middle 50% ACT scores of admitted students typically range from 25 to 31. This means 25% of students scored below 25, while another 25% scored above 31.

Being within or above this range will make you a competitive applicant, but keep in mind that Texas A&M also evaluates applications holistically. They'll consider factors like your high school course rigor, GPA, class rank, extracurricular activities, and essays when making admissions decisions. So, a strong ACT score is definitely an advantage, but it's not the only aspect of your application they'll assess.

Good luck with your application to Texas A&M!

a month ago

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