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Is applying to multiple early decision schools possible?

Hi everyone, I'm working on my college applications and I'm wondering if I can apply early decision to more than one school? Are there any specific rules about this? I'm really interested in two schools and can't decide which one I want to commit to. Thanks in advance!

9 months ago

Hello! I'd be happy to help clarify early decision (ED) application policies for you. Early decision is a binding agreement which means that if you are accepted to a school through ED, you are committing to attend that institution. You'll need to withdraw all other applications and not apply to other schools after receiving an ED acceptance.

Because of this commitment, you can only apply to one school through the early decision process. However, you can still apply to other schools through early action (EA), which is non-binding, or through other non-binding application plans. If you're unsure about which school to commit to, I recommend that you consider early action instead.

Applying to multiple ED schools would be against the guidelines and you risk having your acceptances revoked if colleges discover this. When you submit an ED application, you typically sign an agreement stating that you understand the binding nature of the decision and only apply to one ED institution. Good luck with your applications!

9 months ago

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