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Community colleges in Stillwater, Oklahoma?

Hey everyone! I'm considering attending a community college in Stillwater, Oklahoma before transferring to a four-year university. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for community colleges in the area?

29 days ago

Hello! While there isn't a community college directly located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, there are a few community colleges nearby that you might want to consider. Each has its offerings and advantages, so you'll want to explore them and see which one best fits your needs.

1. Northern Oklahoma College (NOC) - NOC is located in Tonkawa, which is approximately 40 miles from Stillwater. It offers a range of Associate degrees and certificate programs in various fields. Northern Oklahoma College has a strong reputation in Oklahoma and has created partnerships with several four-year universities across the state, making transferring a relatively seamless process.

2. Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) - OCCC is located in Oklahoma City and is about 65 miles from Stillwater. As one of the largest community colleges in the state, OCCC offers a variety of academic programs and degrees, including Associate degrees, certifications, and transfer programs. Many students choose to start at OCCC and transfer to a four-year university in Oklahoma City or elsewhere in the state.

3. Tulsa Community College (TCC) - Located in Tulsa, TCC is approximately 70 miles from Stillwater. It is known for its diverse range of degree programs and certificates in various disciplines. TCC has a strong transfer program, allowing students to easily transition to four-year universities in Oklahoma.

4. Meridian Technology Center (MTC) - Although not a traditional community college, MTC is located in Stillwater and offers various career training and technical education courses. If you're looking for specific technical or career training, MTC may be a good fit for you.

When considering community colleges, you'll want to keep in mind factors such as location, available academic programs, tuition costs, and transfer partnerships with four-year universities. Be sure to visit each college's website and attend campus tours or open houses to get a feel for the campus environment and gather more information. Good luck with your search!

29 days ago

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