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How to balance artistic pursuits and STEM achievements for Ivy League applications?

Hey guys! I'm a high school junior who is really interested in both music and engineering. I want to show my passion for both subjects on my Ivy League applications, but I'm not sure how to balance these seemingly different interests. Does anyone have advice on how to combine vivid portrayals of both my artistic and STEM achievements in one cohesive application? Thanks!

9 months ago

Hi! It's wonderful to see a student with diverse interests like yours. Balancing your passions for music and engineering in your college application can seem challenging, but it's totally doable! First, try to find common ground between these interests, where your experiences and skills overlap. You could talk about how technical skills from engineering have informed your approach to music, or how the creativity and discipline from music have benefited your engineering projects.

While completing your application, highlight experiences that demonstrate your dual interests. For instance, if you've been part of an orchestra or band, discuss your accomplishments in this area. Similarly, if you've participated in engineering projects, competitions, or internships, showcase them too. It's essential to equally emphasize both subjects to give a rounded picture of your interests and talents.

In your essays, discuss how you've bridged these interests in your life and learning, or share stories that showcase your unique perspective as someone involved deeply in both music and engineering. Additionally, don't forget to get strong recommendation letters from your music and engineering teachers, as they can attest to your commitment and skills in both subjects.

Finally, remember that universities appreciate well-rounded students who can bring diverse talents to the table. Embrace your dual interests and let them shine through your application, illustrating how they contribute to who you are as a person. Good luck!

9 months ago

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