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Demographics of Wayne State University?

Hey there! I'm interested in Wayne State University and was wondering if anyone has information about their demographics in terms of diversity, size, or any other interesting details? Thank you!

23 days ago

Hey! Wayne State University is located in Detroit, Michigan and is known for its diverse and multicultural environment. To provide you with an idea of the demographics at Wayne State, here's a general breakdown:

- Total Enrollment: Approximately 24,000 students, which includes around 16,000 undergraduates and 8,000 graduate students.

- Gender Breakdown: Wayne State has a fairly balanced gender distribution with around 58% female and 42% male students.

- Racial/Ethnic Diversity: Wayne State boasts a racially and ethnically diverse student population. As of Fall 2023, the racial/ethnic makeup of the undergraduate population was approximately as follows:

- White: 54.1%

- Black or African American: 15.9%

- Asian: 12.4%

- Hispanic/Latino: 7.0%

- Two or more races: 3.7%

- U.S. Nonresident (international students): 5.5%

- American Indian or Alaska Native: 0.2%

- Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 0.1%

- Unknown: 1.1%

These demographics play a significant role in creating a diverse learning environment at Wayne State University. The university encourages and celebrates diversity through various multicultural programs, offices, and resources aimed at fostering a healthy and inclusive campus community.

23 days ago

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