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Thoughts on Northwood University in Michigan?

Hey there! I've been researching Northwood University in Michigan lately. I'd love to hear some opinions on their programs, campus life, and the surrounding area.

28 days ago

Northwood University in Midland, Michigan, is known for its business-focused programs, especially in the automotive industry, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Its unique automotive management program gives students hands-on experience in the automotive field and provides insights into dealership operations, sales management, and marketing strategies. Additionally, Northwood has strong connections with the automotive industry, which can help students secure internships and job opportunities.

In terms of campus life, Northwood has a close-knit community feel due to its relatively small size. You'll have the opportunity to form deeper connections with your peers and professors because of smaller class sizes. There are various clubs and organizations, as well as Greek life and sports teams, providing plenty of extracurricular activities to get involved in. The annual Northwood University International Auto Show is a standout event organized by students and showcases hundreds of unique and innovative vehicles.

Midland, the surrounding area, offers a mix of suburban life and outdoor recreation. The city features various restaurants, stores, and parks. Some notable outdoor spots include the Dow Gardens, Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens (with a canopy walk), and the Chippewa Nature Center. As for off-campus activities, you can visit the Midland Center for the Arts for cultural events and entertainment. Although Midland isn't a bustling metropolitan area, it still offers enough activities and amenities to cater to students' needs.

In summary, Northwood University is a solid option for those interested in pursuing a business-focused education with an emphasis on the automotive industry. The campus life is characterized by a close-knit community and numerous extracurricular opportunities, while the surrounding area of Midland offers a mix of suburban comforts and outdoor recreation.

28 days ago

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