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What are the demographics at Bowdoin College?

Hey guys! I'm considering applying to Bowdoin College but I'd like to get a sense of the student body. Can anyone provide info on the demographics at Bowdoin? Thanks!

a month ago

Sure! According to Bowdoin College's Fall 2021 enrollment data, the undergraduate student body is made up of about 1,850 students, with a rough gender distribution of 48% male and 52% female students. Here's a breakdown of their racial and ethnic diversity:

- White: 52.5%

- Hispanic/Latinx: 13.4%

- Asian: 11%

- Black or African American: 5.46%

- Two or more races: 10.16%

- Unknown/Not specified: <1%

- Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander: <1%

- American Indian or Alaska Native: <1%

Bowdoin is a liberal arts college and is known for its commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environment on campus. They have several student-led organizations and initiatives aimed at fostering diversity and inclusion. While the numbers can provide an idea of the demographic makeup, make sure to visit the campus or attend virtual events to get a feel for the environment and the community.

I hope that helps!

a month ago

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