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Looking for colleges around Carlisle, PA.

Hi everyone! I'm currently a junior and starting to think about college. I live close to Carlisle, PA and I'm interested in exploring colleges nearby. What are some good options around this area? Any input would help!

22 days ago

Hello! It's great that you're beginning your college search. Living near Carlisle, PA, you have some excellent options to consider in the area. Here are a few notable ones that cover different types of institutions and fields of study:

1. Dickinson College: Located in Carlisle itself, Dickinson College is a private liberal arts college that offers a wide range of majors and a strong focus on global education. Known for its commitment to sustainability, Dickinson provides an intimate learning environment with a small student body and favorable faculty-student ratio.

2. Messiah University: Situated in Mechanicsburg, about 15 miles from Carlisle, Messiah University is a private, Christian institution that offers more than 85 undergraduate majors and pre-professional programs in areas like Engineering, Business, Health Sciences, and Humanities.

3. Penn State University (Harrisburg Campus): In Middletown, around 25 miles from Carlisle, you'll find the Penn State Harrisburg campus. This campus offers a range of majors, including Engineering, Communications, Criminal Justice, Business, and Education.

4. Gettysburg College: Located in Gettysburg, about 30 miles away from Carlisle, Gettysburg College is another liberal arts college with an array of programs in Arts & Sciences and their conservatory-style Sunderman Conservatory of Music.

5. Franklin & Marshall College: Approximately 45 miles from Carlisle, you'll find Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster. It's another private liberal arts college known for its academic rigor, strong connections with faculty, and internship opportunities.

6. Shippensburg University: About 25 miles west of Carlisle, Shippensburg University is a public university offering over 100 undergraduate and graduate programs, including Business, Education, Sciences, and Humanities.

These are just a few options to consider, but keep in mind that your search should be based on factors such as academic programs, financial aid, campus culture, and extracurricular activities. Don't hesitate to visit campuses and engage with admissions offices to get a better feel for each institution. Good luck with your search!

22 days ago

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