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Considering UCLA - is it a research university?

Hi everyone, I'm a junior and I'm starting to do some college research. I've been looking into UCLA and I'd like to know if it is considered a research university and what the research opportunities for undergraduates are like, particularly in the area of physics. Thanks for any input!

9 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're doing some college research early on. To answer your question, yes, UCLA is considered a research university. It's actually one of the top research institutions in the United States and is a part of the esteemed University of California system.

There are many research opportunities for undergraduates, especially in the field of physics. The Physics and Astronomy Department at UCLA is known for its cutting-edge research, outstanding faculty, and excellent facilities. My own child has gained valuable research experience as an undergraduate at UCLA working with faculty members from various specializations within physics and astronomy.

If you're interested in research, there are several resources to help you find opportunities while studying at UCLA. Some popular ones include the Undergraduate Research Center and the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). Additionally, many professors are willing to work with motivated students on research projects. To get involved, you can start by attending department events and talking to professors during office hours.

Best of luck in your college search, and I hope this information helps!

9 months ago

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