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Howard University Gender Ratio

Hey y'all! I'm considering applying to Howard University and was curious about the gender ratio on campus. Is it fairly balanced, or is there a noticeable difference between the number of male and female students?

29 days ago

Hello! Howard University's gender ratio is not perfectly balanced, but the difference between male and female students is not extremely significant. According to the most recent data, around 30% of the students at Howard University are male, and 70% are female. While there is a somewhat higher number of female students on campus, it shouldn't impact your overall experience too much.

As with many institutions, the specific gender ratio can vary between majors and programs, so the balance in your classes could be different depending on your chosen field of study. All in all, Howard University is a diverse and welcoming environment, and the gender ratio should not be a major concern when considering applying to the school.

29 days ago

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