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What's the average GPA for UNC?

Hi everybody, I'm interested in applying to the University of North Carolina and I wanted to know, what's the average GPA of accepted students at UNC? Thanks a ton!

29 days ago

Hello! The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) is a competitive institution and generally looks for strong academic profiles from its applicants. For the incoming class, the average weighted high school GPA for accepted students falls around 4.47 on a weighted scale.

It's important to remember that GPA is just one aspect of your application. UNC, like many universities, also considers the rigor of your course load, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, essays, and other factors. Strong test scores (if you choose to submit them) and impactful extracurriculars can also help bolster your application.

It's always a good idea to research the admissions profiles of accepted students at any schools you're interested in to get a sense of what their academic and extracurricular expectations are. Good luck with your application!

29 days ago

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