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Is reading an extracurricular activity?

Hello, I'm an avid reader and spend a lot of time reading books outside of my school assignments. Would this be considered an extracurricular activity on college applications? Thanks for your help!

9 months ago

Hi there! As an avid reader myself, I completely understand how valuable spending time on reading can be. In terms of college applications, it could be considered an extracurricular activity if you present it well. It's important to show what you've learned from your reading experiences and how it has contributed to your personal growth.

One way to demonstrate this is to elaborate on how your love for reading has led you to participate in book clubs, discussions, or related competitions. It might also be helpful to mention specific books that have had a significant impact on your life and thoughts, or if you've managed to read an impressive number of books. My own child mentioned their passion for reading in their college application and discussed how it influenced their perspectives and intellectual curiosity.

Overall, it's definitely worth including in your application and making it stand out as a meaningful part of your personal development. Best of luck!

9 months ago

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