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What do you need to get into University of Michigan?

Hi everyone! I've been really interested in attending the University of Michigan, but I'm not sure what they're looking for in applicants. Could anyone share some insight on their GPA, test score, and extracurricular expectations?

a month ago

Hi! The University of Michigan is a competitive school, and to boost your chances of admission, you'll need a strong academic and extracurricular profile. While there's no specific "formula" to get into the University of Michigan, understanding average accepted students' profiles can help guide you.

1. GPA: University of Michigan doesn't report the average GPA of admitted students; however, a competitive high school GPA is important. Most admitted students are in the top 10% of their graduating class, with a majority having a GPA of 3.8 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Rigorous coursework, such as AP or IB classes, demonstrates your preparedness for college-level courses and will be looked upon favorably.

2. Test Scores: For the 2024-2025 application cycle, the University of Michigan is test-optional. However, if you'd like to submit your SAT or ACT scores, here are the middle 50% ranges for admitted students from previous years: SAT – 1340 to 1530, ACT – 30 to 34. Scoring within or above these ranges may improve your chances of admission.

3. Extracurriculars: The university values students who are actively engaged in their communities with diverse interests and demonstrated leadership qualities. Aim to have a well-developed "spike" or area of specialty – something that sets you apart from other applicants. Pan for 8-10 total extracurricular activities, and try to make them diverse (e.g., involvement in sports, clubs, volunteer work, research, or internships).

4. Essays: Compelling personal essays showcase your unique story and provide insight into what you can contribute to the university. Spend time perfecting your essays and getting feedback from teachers, counselors, or trusted peers.

Remember that the University of Michigan uses a holistic review process, which means they'll consider many factors in your application. While GPA and test scores are significant, your personal essays, extracurriculars, and other factors, such as letters of recommendation, will all play a role in the application process.

Good luck!

a month ago

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