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Kansas University campus size

Hi all! I'm researching Kansas University as a potential college for me. Does anyone know the size of their campus? I prefer a larger campus, so just trying to get a feel for it.

28 days ago

Hello! The University of Kansas (KU) in Lawrence has a fairly sizable campus. It covers approximately 1,100 acres and consists of multiple areas, such as the main campus, the West campus, and the Central District. The main campus is where you'll find most of the academic buildings, student services, and residence halls. The West campus is home to research facilities and additional academic buildings, while the Central District includes more student housing options and academic buildings.

Keep in mind that a larger campus can sometimes mean more walking between classes and various facilities, but it also often leads to a greater variety of resources, activities, and opportunities to connect with other students. So, if you prefer a larger campus, KU's campus size should definitely meet your expectations.

28 days ago

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