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Loyola Marymount vs Pepperdine: Help me decide?

I'm torn between Loyola Marymount and Pepperdine. Can someone provide some insight on the main differences between these two schools, like academics, campus vibes, and social life? I'd really appreciate it, thanks!

20 days ago

Sure, I'd be happy to help you understand the main differences between Loyola Marymount (LMU) and Pepperdine. Both are great schools, but they also have distinct characteristics that can impact your college experience.


LMU is known for its strong programs in film, business, and engineering. It generally has a more diverse range of majors when compared to Pepperdine. On the other hand, Pepperdine has a strong business program and is particularly reputable for its International Business major. In addition, Pepperdine has a notable connection to the Church of Christ, which may influence the type of education and values emphasized on campus.

Campus Vibes:

LMU is located in West Los Angeles, close to popular areas like Venice, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey, which can offer a more urban college experience. The campus itself is beautiful with modern facilities, and you'll have easy access to the city's attractions while still being able to enjoy a campus community.

Pepperdine, on the other hand, is located in Malibu with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The campus is known for its stunning beauty and provides a more isolated and serene atmosphere than LMU's. The flip side is that it might be less convenient for students who are looking to explore Los Angeles city life.

Social Life:

At LMU, you will find a more diverse student body and campus life, with a wide range of clubs, events, and activities that cater to different interests. Greek life is present but does not dominate the social scene. You can find your own niche at LMU.

Pepperdine's social scene tends to be more close-knit, partly due to its smaller size and tighter community. Greek life is not present at Pepperdine; however, various student-led clubs, organizations, and events foster social connections. The Christian influence at Pepperdine can be felt, but it's not overwhelming, and students with varying religious backgrounds can feel at home.

Overall, LMU and Pepperdine provide different experiences in terms of academics, campus atmosphere, and social life. LMU might be better suited for students who want a diverse range of academic options and major offerings closer to the city. In contrast, Pepperdine might fit students who are looking for a smaller, tight-knit community in a stunning location, with a spiritual element to their education. It's important to consider which environment aligns more with your personal preferences and goals. Good luck with your decision!

20 days ago

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