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Racial demographics at Liberty University?

Hey everyone! As I'm looking into Liberty University, I'm curious about the diversity on campus. Like how racially diverse is the student body? I'm coming from a pretty diverse high school and would love to see what Liberty is like in that aspect. Appreciate any info you can share!

26 days ago

Hey! Diversity is definitely an important aspect to consider when selecting a college. At Liberty University, the student body is somewhat diverse, but not as diverse as some other schools. According to the most recent data (Fall 2022), the racial and ethnic breakdown at Liberty University is as follows:

- White: 65%

- Black or African American: 18%

- Hispanic/Latino: 8%

- Asian: 3%

- Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander: <1%

- American Indian or Alaska Native: ~1%

- Two or more races: 5%

- International students: 1%

While there is some diversity in the student body, it's important to note that your perception of the campus environment will also be influenced by the size of the school and its location. Liberty has a sizeable student population, which may provide various opportunities for meeting people from different backgrounds. Additionally, as you get involved in clubs and activities on campus, you might find that there's more diversity within specific groups or organizations.

It's worth visiting the campus (if possible) or attending virtual events to get a feel for the community and determine whether Liberty's level of diversity is what you're looking for. Good luck with your college search!

26 days ago

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