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OSU vs Washington State University?

Hey, I'm stuck deciding between Oregon State University (OSU) and Washington State University (WSU). I'd love some input on the pros and cons of each school. Can anyone share their thoughts on academics, campus life, surrounding area, and job prospects after graduation? Thanks, everyone!

23 days ago

Hey there! It's great that you have two solid options to choose from. Here's a breakdown to help you decide between Oregon State University (OSU) and Washington State University (WSU):


OSU: OSU is known for strong programs in engineering, environmental science, forestry, and marine biology. It is a research-focused institution, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage in research projects, even as an undergrad.

WSU: WSU also offers strong engineering and science programs, with notable strengths in fields like agriculture, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy. Like OSU, WSU provides research opportunities for students.

Campus Life:

OSU: OSU's campus life is vibrant and offers a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. With the city of Corvallis nearby, there are plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, while also offering a strong sense of community.

WSU: WSU has a more rural setting, in the town of Pullman. It also offers many clubs and extracurriculars, and you'll likely find the community to be tight-knit due to the smaller town atmosphere. The rural setting may be more appealing if you're looking for a more intimate college experience or enjoy outdoor activities.

Surrounding Area:

OSU: OSU is located in Corvallis, which is considered a college town. It’s about an hour and a half drive from Portland, giving you access to the big city's amenities, entertainment, and job options.

WSU: WSU is situated in Pullman, a small town in eastern Washington. Surrounding attractions include outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking in the nearby mountains. If you're looking for a more urban experience, Spokane and Seattle are about a 75-minute and 4-hour drive away, respectively.

Job Prospects:

OSU: OSU's solid academic programs, research focus, and industry connections can help you land internships and job opportunities in your field. The proximity to Portland can also be beneficial for job placements after graduation.

WSU: WSU's strong programs and research opportunities help prepare students for the job market. The university's alumni network, connections to industry partners, and the availability of career services can be valuable in getting a foot in the door for internships and job placements.

Ultimately, the choice between OSU and WSU depends on your personal preferences regarding location, campus atmosphere, and academic strengths. Consider visiting both campuses, talking to current students, and looking into the specific programs you're interested in. Good luck with your decision!

23 days ago

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