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Oregon State vs University of Washington?

Hi everyone! I'm in the process of deciding whether to attend Oregon State University (OSU) or the University of Washington (UW). Any opinions on the differences between these two schools? Like how their student life, culture, and academics compare? Any help would be much appreciated!

a month ago

Both Oregon State University (OSU) and the University of Washington (UW) are great options, but they do have differences in terms of academics, campus life, and overall vibes.


UW is generally more selective and academically prestigious, particularly in STEM fields. It has strong programs in engineering, computer science, and biology. OSU also has reputable programs, particularly in engineering and environmental sciences. Consider the specific programs you are interested in and compare their strengths when making your decision.

Campus Life:

UW is located in Seattle, a bustling city offering a wide variety of culture, entertainment, professional sports, and internship opportunities. Living in a city means the campus tends to be urban and fast-paced. Conversely, OSU is located in Corvallis, which is a smaller, more college-centric town. The environment is more relaxed and offers a quintessential college-town experience.

Student Culture:

At UW, you’re likely to find a more competitive atmosphere due to the university's larger size and academic rigor. Social life tends to be busier and more varied in terms of activities and events. OSU has a more tight-knit campus community and is generally considered to have a more laid-back atmosphere. Greek life is fairly prominent on both campuses, so you'll find plenty of opportunities for social connections.

In summary, the main differences boil down to the overall academic reputations, the locations and campus environments, and the school culture. If you want a stronger urban university experience with a more diverse array of opportunities in a big city, UW might be the better choice. However, if you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere and the classic American college-town experience, you may lean towards OSU.

Ultimately, it's essential to reflect on what you value most in a college experience and what environment will best support both your academic and personal growth. Good luck with your decision!

a month ago

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