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CSULB Interior Design Program

I'm looking into the Interior Design program at CSULB. Can anyone share their experiences, both positive and negative? How challenging is the curriculum, and what kind of support are there for students in terms of resources, professors, and networking?

a month ago

I've heard from many students who have been part of the Interior Design program at CSULB, and the general consensus seems to be that it's a well-rounded program with both positive aspects and some challenges.


1. The curriculum is comprehensive and offers a good balance of theory, design, and technical skills. This prepares students for various aspects within the field of interior design.

2. CSULB faculty are known for being knowledgeable, experienced, and invested in the success of their students.

3. CSULB has a strong emphasis on practical experience, with opportunities for internships and hands-on learning.


1. Students often mention that the workload can be demanding. Balancing multiple projects with other coursework can be tough, but it provides valuable time management and prioritization skills.

2. The program can be competitive as the number of slots for the major is limited. It's important to have a strong portfolio and GPA.

Support and resources:

1. Faculty members are often willing to provide individual guidance, advice, and feedback on projects.

2. The campus has a range of resources including design studios, computer labs, and an extensive library featuring design and architecture resources.

3. CSULB has a Career Development Center, which assists students in finding internships, networking opportunities, and job placements.

Overall, the Interior Design program at CSULB is regarded as a solid choice for those looking to develop their skills and break into the industry. However, be prepared to dedicate significant time and effort to meeting the demands of the rigorous curriculum.

a month ago

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