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Where should I study animal behavior?

So, I'm interested in animal behavior and I'm currently researching colleges to apply to. Does anyone have any recommendations for schools with great programs or research opportunities in this field? Thanks for the help!

25 days ago

Choosing a college with a strong program in animal behavior is an important decision, and there are several excellent options to consider. Here are five universities that offer solid programs or research opportunities related to animal behavior:

1. Cornell University: As an Ivy League institution, Cornell is known for its strong programs and research opportunities across various disciplines. Their Department of Neurobiology and Behavior provides an undergraduate major in Animal Behavior, which focuses on the study of behavior from multiple perspectives, including ethology, ecology, evolution, and neuroscience.

2. Indiana University Bloomington: The Animal Behavior Program at Indiana University Bloomington is highly recognized and offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of animal behavior. Students majoring in Biology can pursue a specialization in Animal Behavior, which involves coursework and research opportunities across several departments.

3. University of California, Davis: UC Davis is well-known for its renowned College of Biological Sciences, which offers an undergraduate major in Animal Biology. This program provides a solid foundation in various aspects of animal behavior, ecology, and physiology. Additionally, UC Davis has a strong focus on research and offers numerous opportunities for undergraduate involvement.

4. University of St. Andrews (Scotland): Although located outside the United States, the University of St. Andrews is famous for its Center for Social Learning and Cognitive Evolution and offers a fantastic program in animal behavior. Students interested in studying animal behavior can choose from various degrees, such as the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Animal Behaviour or a joint degree combining Animal Behaviour with another field.

5. Bucknell University: As a smaller liberal arts university, Bucknell may be an excellent choice if you prefer a more intimate learning environment. Their Animal Behavioral Ecology program is a concentration within the Biology major that focuses on understanding behavior from both ecological and evolutionary perspectives. The program includes coursework, research opportunities, and practical hands-on experiences.

Researching the specific programs and speaking to current faculty members or students can provide valuable insights into which program would be the best fit for your interests. Good luck in your search!

25 days ago

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