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Stephen F Austin Requirements?

Hello everyone! I'm interested in applying to Stephen F Austin State University and I was wondering if someone could point me towards the admission requirements for incoming freshmen? I'm specifically looking for info on GPA, test scores, and any other requirements they might have. Thanks in advance!

27 days ago

Hello! Stephen F Austin State University (SFASU) has a few requirements for incoming freshmen. Here's a helpful breakdown of the information you're looking for:

1. GPA: While SFASU doesn't have a specific minimum GPA requirement for all applicants, they do have a sliding scale for standardized test scores based on your high school rank percentile. Your class rank will play a role in determining the minimum test scores you need.

2. Test Scores: SFASU is currently test-optional due to COVID-19, but you can still submit your SAT or ACT scores if you think they'll strengthen your application. If you choose to submit test scores, here's the sliding scale for minimum acceptable scores:

- Top 25% of your class: No minimum SAT/ACT score

- 2nd quarter of your class: 970 SAT or 18 ACT

- 3rd quarter of your class: 1010 SAT or 19 ACT

- 4th quarter of your class: 1180 SAT or 24 ACT

3. Other Requirements: In addition to your high school transcript and standardized test scores (if submitted), SFASU will also require the following:

- Completed ApplyTexas application

- Application fee or fee waiver

- Proof of meningitis vaccination if you plan to live on campus

It's essential to keep track of deadlines and ensure that you submit all the required documents. The priority deadline for financial aid and scholarships is January 15, while the regular admissions application deadline is typically August 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.

Make sure to double-check the SFASU admissions website for the most up-to-date information regarding admission requirements and deadlines. Good luck with your application!

27 days ago

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