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Great hockey schools for college?

Hey my fellow future collegiate peeps! I love playing ice hockey, and I'm definitely considering playing in college. Are there any schools that are specifically known for having great hockey programs? I'm game for any recommendations!

24 days ago

Hey there! It's awesome that you're passionate about ice hockey and want to incorporate it into your college experience. Fortunately, there are several colleges known for their strong hockey programs. Here's a list of some top hockey schools, both in terms of athletic performance and academics:

1. University of North Dakota –UND has a long history of success in men's ice hockey, having won multiple NCAA championships. The women's team was disbanded in 2017, however.

2. Boston University – BU boasts an impressive men's and women's ice hockey program and is a member of the competitive Hockey East conference. Terrier's hockey is known for consistently making it to the NCAA tournament.

3. University of Minnesota – The Golden Gophers men's and women's teams both have strong traditions in the Big Ten conference and the WCHA, winning several national championships.

4. University of Michigan – UMich has a successful men's hockey program in the Big Ten conference and has produced many NHL players.

5. University of Wisconsin – The Badgers' men's and women's teams are part of the Big Ten conference, with a history of success at the national level.

6. Harvard University – Harvard is an Ivy League school with a good hockey program for both men and women, competing in the ECAC conference.

7. Cornell University – The Big Red men's and women's teams consistently excel in the ECAC conference and have made multiple appearances at the Frozen Four.

8. University of Notre Dame – Notre Dame competes in the Big Ten conference and has strong men's and women's ice hockey programs.

9. Yale University – Yale's men's and women's teams have both made strides in the ECAC conference and have notable history at the national level.

10. Colorado College and Denver University – Both schools have competitive men's hockey programs and are part of the NCHC conference. Denver University in particular has multiple NCAA championships under its belt.

These are just a few examples of colleges with strong hockey programs. As you research potential colleges, consider factors such as academics, location, and the level of competition you're seeking in your college hockey experience. To get an even broader understanding, try reaching out to current players or coaches at the respective schools and attend games or practices when possible. Good luck on your search!

24 days ago

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