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Is it easier to transfer into Ivy League schools?

I've been considering applying to Ivy League schools as a transfer student and I'm wondering if it's generally easier to get in as a transfer or if it would have been better to apply as a first-year applicant. Is the transfer acceptance rate usually higher or lower than the regular acceptance rate?

9 months ago

Transferring into an Ivy League school can be a little different than applying as a first-year applicant. Keep in mind that each school has its own transfer admission policies and available spaces, which affects the admissions decisions.

While some schools may have slightly higher transfer acceptance rates, this does not necessarily mean that it is easier to get in. In fact, a majority of the Ivy League schools have transfer acceptance rates that are lower than their regular first-year acceptance rates. One reason for this difference is the smaller number of spots available for transfer students compared to incoming first-year students. In essence, you would be competing for a more limited number of spaces.

That being said, don't let these numbers deter you from applying if transferring is your goal. Admission committees will look at your college and high school records, your potential for success, and other factors when making their decisions. Good luck!

9 months ago

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