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Full Sail University Graduation Stats?

Hey, I'm considering Full Sail University, but I can't find much information on their graduation rate. Does anyone know how many students actually complete their study there within 4-6 years? Any info is appreciated!

20 days ago

Full Sail University's graduation rates can give you an idea of how successful students are at completing their programs within a reasonable time frame. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the graduation rate at Full Sail University for Bachelor's degree-seeking students who started attending in 2016 (and should have graduated within 150% of the normal time, meaning up to 6 years) was 43%.

While this percentage is lower compared to many traditional universities, it's crucial to remember that Full Sail University is a for-profit institution focusing on specialized majors, such as gaming, entertainment, media, and art. The student experience at Full Sail may be notably different from a traditional college or university, and their graduation rates should be considered in that context.

It's essential to weigh the graduation rate, along with other factors, when considering Full Sail University. You should also look into employment outcomes, student support services, and the particular program you're interested in. Make sure their offerings align with your needs and interests before making a decision.

20 days ago

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