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Is it possible to take the IB exam without actually being in the course?

There's a subject I'm really passionate about, but my school doesn't offer the IB course for it. Is it possible to self-study and take the IB exam without being enrolled in the course? If so, how can I make that happen?

9 months ago

Yes, it's possible to take an IB exam without being enrolled in the course, though the process can be a bit more complicated. You'll need to be registered as an 'anticipated' or 'retake' candidate by an authorized IB World School offering the Diploma Programme (DP) or the Career-Related Programme (CP). This means you'll have to find a school that's willing to let you register under their institution.

First, I'd recommend talking to your school's IB coordinator if your school is already an IB World School. If not, try reaching out to any nearby IB World Schools and explain your situation. Some schools may be open to having you join their exam session.

Keep in mind that self-studying for an IB exam can be challenging, as the course material and assessments require a level of understanding that's best achieved in a classroom setting. However, if you are committed and passionate about the subject, it is definitely doable. Make sure to diligently follow the guidelines of what material is tested, utilize available resources, and get support from experienced individuals when needed. Best of luck on your journey!

9 months ago

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