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Hampton University Graduation Rate

Hi guys, I've been looking into Hampton University and I'm curious about the graduation rate. Does anyone know how good it is, and what factors might impact it? Thanks for your help!

27 days ago

Hi there! Hampton University's graduation rate is definitely an important aspect to consider when evaluating the school. The most recent data indicates that Hampton University has a 6-year graduation rate of around 56%. This means that approximately 56% of students complete their degree within six years of enrollment. It's worth noting that this number can vary from year to year, so you'd want to keep an eye on the trend.

There are several factors that might impact the graduation rate at Hampton or any other university. Some of these factors include:

1. Academic support: The availability and quality of academic support services, like tutoring and academic advising, can significantly impact a student's ability to succeed and graduate on time.

2. Retention rate: The percentage of first-year students who return for their second year is known as the retention rate. A strong retention rate suggests that students are satisfied with their college experience and are more likely to graduate. Hampton University has a first-year retention rate of about 73%.

3. Financial aid: The availability of financial aid can be a determining factor for students' ability to complete their degree on time. Hampton University provides financial aid to a significant portion of the student body, which might help many students stay on track to graduate.

4. Student support services: Access to resources such as career counseling, mental health support, and disability services can impact students' overall well-being and their ability to complete their degrees.

5. Student demographics: The incoming class's academic preparation and socioeconomic background can also impact graduation rates. Students who enter college well-prepared academically may be more likely to persist and graduate.

It's important to remember that graduation rates are just one piece of the puzzle when evaluating a college or university. You should also consider factors like academic programs, campus resources, research opportunities, and the overall campus culture. Happy searching!

27 days ago

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