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Texas State room and board cost

Hey guys, does anyone know the current cost for room and board at Texas State University? I'm trying to get an estimate of the total cost of attendance there, and this information would really help. Thanks!

a month ago

The cost of room and board at Texas State University can vary depending on the type of housing and meal plan you choose. For the 2024-2025 academic year, the estimated costs for room & board are $12,630 per academic year.

You can find more detailed information on housing options and meal plan choices on the Texas State University website under the "Housing and Residential Life" and "Dining Services" sections. Keep in mind that these costs are subject to change each year, so it's a good idea to stay updated on the most recent figures.

When estimating the total cost of attendance, don't forget to factor in other expenses, such as tuition, fees, textbooks, personal expenses, and transportation. You can visit the "Tuition and Fees" section on the Texas State University website for a comprehensive breakdown of these costs.

a month ago

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