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Finding the best dance programs?

Hey guys, I'm a high school junior and dance is my passion. I'm looking to continue dancing in college and want to find colleges that have great dance programs. Which schools should I consider? Thanks!

a month ago

Hello! It's fantastic to see that you're passionate about dance and want to continue in college. There are multiple schools with strong dance programs, so I'll provide a list of some prominent ones to consider:

1. Juilliard School (New York City): Known for its world-class performing arts programs, Juilliard offers various dance degrees, giving you the opportunity to train under renowned faculty.

2. New York University (NYU): The Tisch School of the Arts at NYU provides a strong dance program with diverse opportunities for students, including internships, study abroad programs, and access to the NYC arts scene.

3. University of Southern California (USC): USC's Glorya Kaufman School of Dance offers a progressive dance curriculum, emphasizing interdisciplinary work, collaborations, and research opportunities in the field.

4. SUNY Purchase College: The Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College offers rigorous training and focuses on the development of well-rounded artists.

5. University of the Arts (Philadelphia): This school provides strong dance programs in modern, ballet, jazz, and hip-hop, with opportunities to collaborate with students from other artistic disciplines.

6. University of North Carolina, School of the Arts (UNCSA): UNCSA comprises five conservatories (including one focused on dance), offering a variety of programs to help aspiring dancers become successful professionals.

7. Boston Conservatory at Berklee: The Conservatory offers degrees in contemporary dance and ballet, giving you the chance to learn from accomplished faculty and perform in numerous productions.

8. California Institute of the Arts (CalArts): CalArts's Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance offers programs that focus on versatility, innovation, and collaboration, nurturing students to become well-rounded artists.

9. Ohio State University: The Department of Dance at OSU emphasizes the integration of dance with technology, providing various opportunities for interdisciplinary study and research.

10. University of Michigan: Their Department of Dance allows students to explore various dance styles while encouraging collaboration with other disciplines like technology, music, and theater.

These are just a few examples of schools with notable dance programs. I'd recommend researching these institutions further to explore the programs they offer and see which ones line up best with your dance goals and interests. Ultimately, the perfect fit will depend on your unique preferences, style, and desired college environment. Good luck with your search!

a month ago

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