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Need help understanding NMSU's GPA scale?

Hey everyone, does anyone know how New Mexico State University (NMSU) calculates their GPA? I'm trying to find out their unique GPA scale system, so I can see how I would fit in there. Help a fellow junior out, please!

28 days ago

Sure, I can help you with that! New Mexico State University (NMSU) uses a 4.0 GPA scale, like most universities. Here's how the grading scale works for NMSU:

- A = 4.0

- A- = 3.7

- B+ = 3.3

- B = 3.0

- B- = 2.7

- C+ = 2.3

- C = 2.0

- C- = 2.0

- D+ = 1.0

- D = 1.0

- D- = 1.0

- F = 0.0

To calculate your GPA, you'll want to assign the corresponding grade points to each of your courses and then divide the total grade points by the number of credit hours.

To compare your GPA to NMSU's admitted students, you can look up the average GPA for incoming freshmen on their website or in their common data set. Typically, colleges provide an average (usually on a 4.0 scale) or a middle 50% range. Keep in mind that admissions also consider other factors beyond GPA, like test scores (if required), extracurriculars, and application essays. Good luck with your application!

28 days ago

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