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When do colleges usually release Early Action decisions?

I applied Early Action to several schools and am trying to get a sense of when I can expect to hear back. When do colleges typically release EA decisions? Is there a specific date or time frame I should be prepared for? I'm just trying to manage my expectations so I don't get too anxious while waiting. Thanks for any help!

9 months ago

Hey there! I can understand the anticipation and excitement while waiting for Early Action decisions. Like my child, who went through a similar situation, getting an idea of when the decisions are released can help manage expectations.

EA decision releases usually vary from school to school, but generally, most colleges send out their decisions between mid-December and early February. Some colleges have a more specific date or deadline; you can typically find these dates on the college admissions websites or in their communications. For instance, my child received their EA decision from one school on around December 15th.

That said, there might be instances when decisions come slightly earlier or later than the expected time frame. Just remain patient and try to stay focused on other aspects of your life. You've already put in all the effort, and now it's time to trust the process.

Best of luck with your applications, and I hope you hear some splendid news soon!

9 months ago

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