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New Mexico Private College Advice?

Hey everyone, I'm starting my college search and would like some input on private colleges in New Mexico. Which schools stand out to you in terms of academics, student life, and extracurricular options? Any experiences or thoughts would be helpful! Thanks!

27 days ago

In New Mexico, there are a few private colleges that are worth exploring. Two of the most prominent private institutions are the University of the Southwest (USW) and St. John's College. Each school has its own unique strengths in academics, student life, and extracurricular options.

University of the Southwest: Located in Hobbs, New Mexico, USW is a small private college affiliated with the Baptist Church. The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields like business, education, psychology, and criminal justice. In terms of student life, it has a welcoming campus with a strong sense of community where involvement in campus events and clubs is highly encouraged. They also have a solid athletic program, with competitive teams in sports like soccer, basketball, and golf. Additionally, USW offers several scholarships, which may help lessen the financial burden.

St. John's College: With its campus in Santa Fe, New Mexico, St. John's College is best known for its Great Books program, which provides a unique and rigorous liberal arts education based on the reading and discussion of influential works in Western civilization. The small class sizes ensure students receive personalized attention, and the curriculum fosters critical thinking and strong communication skills. Student life at St. John's College is quite active, with extracurricular options like clubs, intramural sports, and outdoor programs taking advantage of the beautiful Santa Fe surroundings. An interesting aspect of St. John's is that all students are required to learn at least one musical instrument.

When researching a private college in New Mexico, it's important to consider aspects like location, size, and campus culture. I recommend visiting the campuses, if possible, and reaching out to current students or alumni to get a firsthand feel for the college experience at these institutions. Whichever you choose, it's a good idea to apply to more than one college for flexibility and to increase your chances of being admitted. Good luck with your search!

27 days ago

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