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Private universities in New Hampshire: Any hidden gems?

I'm in the process of finalizing my college list, and I'm interested in the New Hampshire area. Are there any hidden gems among private universities there you think I should consider? Just trying to make sure I don't miss out on any great options! Thanks!

a month ago

New Hampshire does have a few private universities that can be considered "hidden gems." These institutions may offer unique programs, smaller class sizes, or strong community connections that could provide you with a great college experience. Here are three options you might consider:

1. Dartmouth College: While Dartmouth is well-known as an Ivy League school, it is still worth mentioning due to the excellent opportunities and resources available to students. Its rural setting in Hanover offers a tight-knit community atmosphere and access to outdoor activities. Dartmouth is known for its dedication to undergraduate education, as well as strong programs in the humanities, social sciences, and engineering.

2. Saint Anselm College: Located in Manchester, this liberal arts college is known for its strong academics and a focus on service and social justice. With a student-faculty ratio of 11:1, Saint Anselm College offers personalized attention from faculty and an active, engaging campus life. It's particularly well-regarded for its nursing, politics, and business programs.

3. Franklin Pierce University: Situated in Rindge, this small liberal arts college offers diverse academic offerings in a supportive environment. Franklin Pierce University is known for its commitment to experiential learning and strong programs in environmental science, sports management, and health sciences. The picturesque campus and surrounding Monadnock region provide students with a beautiful setting and ample recreational opportunities.

All of these schools have unique qualities that might appeal to you, and they might not be initially obvious during a broader college search. I recommend researching each institution's programs, campus culture, and financial aid opportunities to see if any fit your specific interests and needs.

a month ago

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