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Popular Majors at LSU?

Hi all, I've been looking into LSU, and I'm curious about which majors are most popular there. If anyone has some information on what the top majors are or can tell me about the vibes of different programs, I'd appreciate it!

27 days ago

Louisiana State University (LSU) offers diverse academic programs, but certain majors are particularly popular among students. According to the 2022 enrollment data, the top five majors at LSU are:

1. Biological Sciences: The Department of Biological Sciences offers various undergraduate and graduate programs, including concentrations in biochemistry, cell & molecular biology, ecology, microbiology, and plant physiology. The department is known for its strong research focus, offering opportunities for undergraduate research experiences.

2. Finance: LSU's E.J. Ourso College of Business provides a comprehensive Finance program that prepares students for careers in areas like corporate finance, banking, risk management, financial planning, and investment analysis. The core curriculum is coupled with experiential learning opportunities to give students a well-rounded education in the field.

3. Psychology: LSU's Department of Psychology offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology, with concentrations in areas like clinical psychology, cognitive and brain science, industrial and organizational psychology, and developmental science. The department emphasizes research and has well-equipped facilities catering to diverse research interests.

4. Mechanical Engineering: The Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering at LSU offers programs in mechanical engineering with opportunities for specialization in areas like materials science, thermal science, mechanical systems and controls, and solid mechanics. The department boasts strong faculty expertise, extensive laboratory facilities, and opportunities for undergraduate research.

5. Kinesiology: LSU's School of Kinesiology offers undergraduate and graduate programs in areas like health and physical education, human movement science, athletic training, sport pedagogy, exercise physiology, and sport and exercise psychology. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning, including practicums and internships, to prepare students for careers in healthcare, physical education, sports management, and more.

While these are the most popular majors at LSU, remember that there are many other strong programs available, from humanities to STEM fields. It's essential to explore different majors and find what aligns with your interests and career goals.

27 days ago

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