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Economics Major at UPenn - Experiences?

I am thinking about applying to the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) for an economics major. For those who've been through the program, what has your experience been like? Was the program challenging, and did it offer a good variety of courses and research opportunities?

a month ago

I'm not an economics major at UPenn, but I know a few students who have gone through the program and can provide some insights based on what they've told me.

UPenn's economics major is considered to be rigorous and highly respected. It's housed within the School of Arts & Sciences and offers a comprehensive selection of courses that span various subfields of economics. Students in the program study microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics, and econometrics. Elective courses are available in areas like international economics, public policy, labor economics, development economics, and finance, among others. Students can also choose to concentrate in specialized areas such as behavioral and experimental economics, or law and economics.

Research opportunities are abundant, as the program encourages students to engage in original research projects. Many students choose to work alongside faculty members on their research or even conduct independent research for their senior thesis. There are also research assistantships, internships with think tanks or consulting firms, and an annual undergraduate research conference where students can present their work.

From what I've gathered, students have found UPenn's economics program to be challenging but rewarding. The curriculum is math-intensive and requires a strong foundation in calculus and statistics. Professors have high expectations but are generally approachable and willing to provide support. Class sizes range from small upper-level seminars to large introductory lectures, which can make some courses feel impersonal. However, as you progress in the program, you'll have more opportunities to engage with professors and fellow students.

Students have praised UPenn's access to resources like research data, academic support services, and career placement support. A degree in economics from UPenn can open up many doors in academia, finance, consulting, public policy, and more.

In summary, UPenn's economics program offers a challenging curriculum, a great variety of courses, and ample opportunities to engage in research. It prepares students well for a wide range of careers and further study in the field.

a month ago

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